# 1 year of stitches2017 – My daily stitches continue…

Since the start of the year I have been doing some stitching each day for about 20 minutes. In my last post I talked about the first 10 days of the project which now has over 3,000 people stitching each day around the world. This is Day 44 of the 1 Year of Stitches 2017  where I am working though the stitches shown in Samplers and Stitches by Mrs Archibald Christie. I am aiming to show all of the days in these posts and on social media. It is organised as an online sharing project and it is lovely to share my work, see the work of the other contributors and to make comments, receive comments  and share ideas. The actual stitching is becoming a habit and I look forward to the time I have set aside to stitch each day. This is usually after I have eaten my lunch and before I start work for the afternoon. If I am out at this time I will stitch later in the day,  take the image and post it  in the morning as the light in the evenings is not good at this time of year.

You can follow the work developing on a daily basis on my Twitter account @clairebtexiles and each week on my Facebook page @clairebuckleytextiles

It is interesting to see how the design is randomly developing as I try out new and much loved stitches. I am slowly working through my collection of green threads and I estimated that I will be able to use green until the end of this month. I do not know what colour I move onto after the greens but I am sure inspiration will come soon and I will decide on the next stage for the work.

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