Weaving a ‘W’- Red Letter

I have just finished weaving a letter ‘W’.

It is not quiet as straight forward as it sounds.

The sett is very important as is the decision about the number of threads to use in the weft. The weave direction is important in order to keep the sheds correct across the weaving and the whole piece. I started weaving in opposite direction in the same shed then when adding the letter I started weaving in the same direction  as the right hand side  in  the same shed, therefore the weaving works when the letter is finished and I continued to weave the colour field. I found that the most hard part  was keeping the tension correct and making the letter even on all of the diagonals. Turning from the front to the back helps to make the change of colour even. Weaving each section in turn as the work builds up is the best way to balance the weaving.

For this ‘W’ the sett is 4 epc and the weft is a fine linen with 3 threads woven  together. I have used 2 reds a pink tint for the colour field and a clear red for the letter. Tonally they are very similar and the aim is for the letter to hover on the surface. For the selvedge I added soumak knots in green, pink and red for a complementary detail.

See how the letter changes when it is placed on different backgrounds for display.  I tested out  gold and a dark burgundy red. I decided to use the dark burgundy red for the final framing as it seems to add depth to the weaving.

I am not sure if it is perfect but I did enjoy the challenge of the letter ‘W’

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