Symbiosis- My work is a Mélange


An exhibition of woven tapestry

19th April – 1st May 2016

This is the theme of  British Tapestry Group (BTG)  exhibition that is currently on show at Hastings Arts Forum in St Leonard’s on Sea, East Sussex. In the year that Hastings is commemorating the 950 year anniversary of the Battle of Hastings with the Root 1066 International Festival of contemporary arts, it is appropriate that the BTG brings woven tapestry to the town that is so closely connected with the embroidery called ‘The Bayeux Tapestry’.

The BTG promotes and explores the concept of woven tapestry as a contemporary art form. By raising public awareness through its exhibitions and regional activities, the BTG showcases the combination of craftsmanship and artistic inspiration that has been translated into woven works of art for many centuries.

Each weaver shows their personal understanding of the theme ‘Symbiosis’ in their tapestry weaving, resulting in a diverse and inventive collection of work, some taking the natural world as inspiration others focus on the way that ideas interact in warp and weft using a wide range of materials.

For my work I developed the  theme  into  ‘Mélange’ which incorporates the waste threads and fabrics from the weaving’s and embroideries I have made over the last 20 years. It is an amalgamation of all the ideas, thoughts and inspirations that have occurred in my creative life. The weaving process was a joyful trip down memory lane where I revisited fabrics which invoked times passed in a random order. It is a 3D work where the 2 sections interweave to form a tangle of fabrics, threads and colours.

The exhibition was first shown at The Mill House Gallery, a tower mill that was built in the 1820’s on Highdown Hill, Angmering, West Sussex where it had nearly 500 visitors with comments such as;

‘So interesting to note the development of ideas as well as their execution’.

‘Very impressive exhibition, full of colour & wonderful interpretation- makes one want to try oneself’

‘Thought provoking exhibits’

I will be working in the gallery this Saturday afternoon to meet visitors’, to talk about my work and demonstrate the techniques.


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