Sensing Culture – working with the Guide Dogs

As someone who does not have a dog and has no real experience of dogs; it has been an eye-opening experience for me to be working with the guide dogs who accompany some of the participants in the Sensing Culture project I am delivering with the Cathedral and The Beaney in Canterbury. The work is funded by HLF and RNIB.

The Guide dogs are real characters and love to be involved in the sessions by lying back,  letting things happen but keeping alert to attention. Always adorable and professional!

I was taking paw prints as part of the work where everyone (and dogs) who is taking part has their hand or paw recorded as the mark of the maker. There was lots of laughter as I found that not all dogs like water while others love to lick and wallow in water and they did not really understand the creation of artwork! They say do not work with animals or children but in this case the dogs are a delight.

Here are some images taken by Martin Crowther.

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