Love is enough- collaborative tapestry factory

I have now completed the 4 day tapestry weaving residency at Modern Art Oxford on the factory floor as part of  Love is Enough William Morris & Andy Warhol. I was demonstrating and giving the visitors the opportunity to  contribute to a tapestry in a ‘factory’ setting.  Tapestry weaving is an ancient method of making pictorial textiles.

I designed 3 tapestries based on the exhibition; Firstly  the William Morris tapestry  The Attainment;  The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sir Galahad, Sir Bors and Sir Percival informed the colour blend piece using the reds and greens that are significant to the Morris work. Warhol’s Electric Chair  screen print reminded me of hatching techniques and the vibrant colours are infectious even if the subject is rather sinister. The third design looks at Warhol and Morris for inspiration where I used the shape of the flower in Warhol’s Flowers (Unfinished) screen print and the gold points of light that Morris used to add definition and detail to his flower wallpaper designs.

Here is the progress of the 3 tapestry designs over the 4  days.

I am really grateful to DMC for supporting the work by supplying the threads, and the British Tapestry group for providing resources and information to help visitors to learn more about the wonderful world of tapestry weaving  and not least the team at Modern Art Oxford for their welcome, organisation and publicity of the event.

See future posts to see how the work looks when it is finished……

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