Canterbury, Kent – Sensing Culture through textiles

Tactile sculpture at The Beaney house of Art & Knowledge

Tactile sculpture at The Beaney house of Art & Knowledge


In my last post I talked about the background to the planning of the textile workshops I am leading for the Sensing Culture project with Canterbury Cathedral and The Beaney- House of Art & Knowledge.

To book the workshop places please see these links

The textile workshops are for  Visually Impaired People (VIP’s) with all levels of skill and experience of working with textiles. I thought that I would give more information about my workshops as we have had lots of interest in the project

Dates – The Beaney – Mondays 13th, 20th and 27th June

2- 4.30 – Please arrive by 1.45

Canterbury Cathedral – Fridays 1st, 15th and 22nd July

10-12.30 – Please arrive by 9.45

Project theme – The Mark of the Maker

The people who make objects provide us with tantalising stories to be explored from the marks they leave behind………..

About the workshops

This tactile textiles course is for everyone, those who love to stitch and those who think they cannot do embroidery. You will not be expected to know particular stitches or worry that you are not able to do particular stitches. You work at your own level with support if you would like.

We will take an experimental approach to making textiles after we have explored some amazing items from the collections at the venues. Some of the objects we will look at are not usually available to the public, so this is a very special opportunity to be inspired by these cultural places.

Do I have to do all of the sessions?  – As we are going to build up our skills it is best if you can commit to all the workshops at The Beaney and/or the Cathedral.

What will happen to the work I do? -The work is going to be part of an exhibition in the Front Room Gallery at The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge in December 2016. The exhibition will be tactile with all of the exhibits ready to be touched by the visitors.

Do I need to bring anything with me? – No – just your enthusiasm and magnifier if you use one.

About Me

I am a qualified teacher and textile artist with lots of experience of working with museum collections to inspire creative work. As part of the preparation for these workshops I have had specific training to work with Visually Impaired People (VIP’s) for this RNIB/HLF project.

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