#1yearofstitches – A project to keep me stitching

This year I am taking part in a worldwide project called 1 Year of Stitches: 2017. It is being run by Sara Barnes.
My theme is to base the stitches I make on the classic embroidery book ‘Samplers and Stitches’ by Mrs Archibald Christie.  It was first published in 1920. The copy I have is from 1951 it is the 4th edition. It is an old style book with only 2 colour plates but very good descriptions of stitches, the development of embroidery as an art form and clear illustrations. Throughout the year I will share my stitches and quotes of note from the book.
I like the introduction;
“Without stitches there could be no art of embroidery. They are the means by which fanciful ideas and memories of pleasant things can be figured upon fabrics. In studying the expression of these by the needle’s art the first matters to be dealt with are fabric, thread and stitch.”

Week one (and a bit) stitches;  Day 1 Chain, 2 Feather, 3 Stem, 4 Flat, 5 Fern, 6 Buttonhole, 7 Zig-Zag, 8 Chevron, 9 Arrow head, 10 Twisted Chain.

She is clear with her ideas for how stitches and embroidery should be used as an art form. “A stitch should be chosen for use because it expresses perfectly the subject to be embroidered. They are used in designing certain elements peculiar to art which have no relationship to nature.” She is putting forward the idea that embroidery is an impression of nature and not nature itself. I will look at the ideas of the representation of naturalism in my next post. However the thought she shares about embroidery is fabulous “The technique of the needle is so naive and delightful that it can afford to be daring”

Keep looking at the updates I will be as interested as others maybe to see how the work develops through the year and how daring I will be with my design.



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